Thursday, May 9, 2013

To Be Like My Mother

My mother is much harder on herself than anyone else is, especially when it comes to her beauty.  She used to always tell me that I was much prettier than she was, though I never really believed it.  I am pretty sure this had a lot to do with my cringing whenever people tell me "you look JUST like your mother!!"  She always emphasized her shortcomings, so I interpreted that people were zeroing in on the flaws we have in common.

Nevertheless, my mother is extremely beautiful, both inside and out!  And I am glad that through her genes, she was able to share her very large expressive eyes (that many of us in her bloodline possess), her warm smile, and her ageless complexion.  I often wish that I will continue to maintain that youthfulness that she exudes.  But not only is she attractive on the outside, she has a wonderful spirit!! She has always been the kind of mother that made me feel loved and comforted.  And she is a compassionate and involved grandmother to my children as well.

As I get older, I am learning to appreciate when people make their comparisons of the two of us. Most of these comparisons are of the physical attributes we share.   And life has shown me that to have a face that resembles hers in some way is a gift.   I only hope that I will continue to maintain the youthfulness that she exudes.  I am proud to have skin devoid of some of the signs of aging that women my age have.  I am also happy that I have yet to find a silver hair (knock on wood--my Dad has many); I don't believe my mother had a single one well after age fifty.  So yes, I wish to look more like my mother as I continue to journey through the seasons of my life.   But most of all, I wish to BE just like my mother--a Godly woman who has her priorities in order, and loves her family more than we could ever imagine.

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