Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quick Tips for Warm (or just plain Hot!) Weather

Hey Guys,

Yes, it is getting close the summer months, and for the Mid-Atlantic area, summer weather has really smacked us in the face!   As I type, I am sweltering in my upstairs bedroom--oh how I wish we had dual A/C units so that the top floor wouldn't be 20 degrees hotter than the rest of our home.

Here are a few quick tips for surviving the hot weather:

1.  Be sure to keep hydrated.  Borrow a spa "recipe" to add extra flavor and refreshment to your water.  Fill a pitcher of water with ice and water saving room at the top for fresh mint sprigs, sliced cucumber rounds, and/or cut up lemon.  Drink the whole pitcher within a day.  No "flavor drops" needed!

2. Place your facial toner/astringent in the refigerator!  This is ideal if you use a toner that comes in a spray bottle.  If not, purchase a small plastic spritz bottle from the drug store and carefully pour in your favorite toner.  No toner?  Use Witch Hazel or a 50/50 solution of Witch Hazel and water in your spritz bottle.  Makes a nice pick me up after work, and helps to keep the skin refreshed. No need to stick to the face.

3.  Ladies, don't let your lipstick melt!  If you still insist on using tube lipstick in the summer, or any other makeup that will melt easily, pack it in a cooler lunch pack or baby bottle pack if you have one.  Make sure to drop in an ice pack before you head out, so that you don't wind up with hot pink goo on your car upholstery.

4. Make your own deodorizing dusting powder using a 75/25 percent mixture of baking soda and cornstarch.  You can avoid talc which bothers the nasal passages and lungs by using this homeade formula.  The baking soda helps to neutralize odors caused by bacteria in sweat.


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