Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trend Watch--The Diva goes "green" at the nail salon!

I am a trend watcher.  I'm not what you would call a trend fanatic--someone who follows every new style or beauty trend that comes down the pike.  Just like Miley Cyrus' celebrity status, fashion trends get "hot" quickly and fade before many of us realize they've moved on to the next big thing.  And now that I am older and a bit wiser than I was in high school and college, I realize that not all style trends are made for every body, every face shape, every skin tone, every stage of life.  I chucked my parachute pants about six months after I bought them in the 90's, as their popularity rose and fell as quickly as M.C. Hammer's wealth did.

Style watchers, however, are justified in their pursuit of spying the newest trends, especially if they have anything to do with an industry involving aesthetics ( fashion, interior design etc.).  As a make up artist, I would never want to get so set in my ways that I would still apply eye shadow the way we wore it a decade or two before, or a shade that was "off the heezy" last year, but passe now (like the term "off the heezy").   Remember those jelly band bracelet thingies from two years ago? Everybody had an armful. Now they're only found at Big Lots and Ollie's Bargain Outlets if you're lucky.

Watching trends helps me to update my wardrobe, which I tweak when finances allow.  And my hair color or style.  Although as a naturally coily girl--relaxer free since 2007, I usually let my hair do its own "thang" and no longer care whether people like it or not.

Which leads me to my latest mani/pedi.  I hardly ever splurge on them in the spring and summer, as I garden and walk about the lawn barefoot.  However, I had time to kill during a recent "tag along" trip with my hubby when he went to a conference.  So I tried the latest spring/summer nail trend--shades of green!!!  They are all over the magazines--nails adorned in greens from mint to emerald, from seafoam to deep teal.  It is a new spin on the deep blues from a year or two ago.  And in my opinion, better.  It is slightly easier for us non-teenagers to look acceptable in mint or seafoam than in electric blue. 
The manicurist had me pick a color.  I looked for a muted mint color.  It took a few coats as it was a thinner, more transparent formula.  The manicurist had a tough time getting it on.  But I loved the look.  I saw it was O.P.I. brand.  I inquired about the color--Zombody to Love.  I don't think the very young Vietnamese girl understood the pun.  I wasn't sure I did either.  I am old enough to have heard my dad listen to "Don't You Want Somebody to Love...".  But it was mint, not Zombie. I guessed that this was a carry over from their Halloween collection. Those silly O.P.I. folks!! But the color was subtle and en vogue now. 

Out in the sun with my flip flops on and my wedding rings blinging, I decided that I loved this green trend.  I always loved green anyway.  But if mint is not your "cup of tea", you can always go for a deeper green.  Just keep it jewel toned, not muddy or forest-y, that's not the style.  Or you can take it to the blue side, with a deep teal that has more blue and just a hint of green. 
IMHO, the deeper or bolder you go, the more youthful you should be.  Neon and glittery colors look cute on teens going to the prom, but it makes some of us more mature divas look like we are trying too hard to appear young, or as I say, pulling a Mariah.

Try a shade of green this spring. If you are tend shy, go with a french manicure with a "shades of green" design.  Or do your toes only.   When you find the right green for you, I think you will like this trend. just don't buy a whole lot of bottles.  Next spring we may be moving along to hot pink again.

P.S.--Zombody to Love by O.P.I. had a hidden surprise.  When the lamps went out that first night in the hotel room, I noticed I was glowing.  Glow in the dark can be fun for ALL ages.  So, yes, I found my inner zombie!

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  1. When I selected green for my toes the manicurist took out the brush & put a little on his finger nail & then said to me as he showed it to me, "are you sure?" I confidently replied, yep!" Mine was also OPI but I forget the name. It was more a pastel green. Takes some getting used to, but some times you just got to try something new.