Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Exposing myself: Even a diva can show off her inner beauty

Dear Beautiful People,

I have been wanting to write for a while about the act of "stripping".  Please don't stop reading; this is safe for the modest, for children, and for work.  When I talking about stripping, I'm not referring to an immoral or rebellious act.  I am, in fact, referring to the exposure of inner beauty.

I think there are people who have the wrong impression of me.  Because I inherited an eye for fashion from my grandmother Gladys and I like to shop (bargain shop that is), many assume that I am superficial.   I am an artist, but instead of a flat cloth canvas, I use faces.  And instead of pastels and oil paints, I use cosmetics.  It is still very much an art, and requires raw talent, skill, and training to be good at it.  I get many odd looks from other women when I am looking my best--well groomed and dressed impeccably.  They think that I am acting in arrogance.  When in fact, I am merely enjoying that things that make me feel good about myself.  Beauty, fashion, and skin care, is my hobby, and I am merely expressing my artistic nature.

But let me set some things straight.  I am not arrogant, at least I try hard not to ever be.  I see beauty in almost all things, and I do not use my inclination  for "lotions and potions" take precedence over my role as a child of God.  I am His servant, a wife, a mom, and so much more. 

I sometimes struggle with the question "what is my purpose in life?"  I feel that we all have talents, we are all programmed to enjoy certain jobs and tasks.  But what do I really want to do with my talents, my "likes"?  I've always liked to be helpful and encouraging.  I like to make people feel good about themselves.  And being a skin care expert and make up artist allows me to do those things without much frustration (unlike in my first career--teaching middle school kids). I also like to sing--a whole lot.  But I do it for God first, and for my own satisfaction...not for the superficial praise from others.

There is something you may or may not know about me.  Inside I am stripped.  I am completely bare-souled. I have confidence most times, but I am happy to serve, to encourage, to be a witness of Christ's love.   I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I am happy to give it away when someone needs encouragement or love. 

Don't get me wrong, sometimes my love of makeup and handbags may make my mind wander into the unsafe ground of materialism. There are times that I see someone driving by me in a shiny new fancy car, while I am driving an 8 year old mini-van, and I start wishing we could swap.  But when it comes down to it, I realize how blessed I am.  I don't need to show off my outward self, what I strive to do is to expose my humble inner spirit.

My outward appearance is not always top-notch, either.  As a stay-at-home mom and gardener, I can often be found makeup-free, dark undereye circles (had them since birth) and all.  And there are those times when my hair is uncombed and bushy, my clothes are a bit ragged.  You see, I am not so shallow that I claim perfection, and none of you should either.  But when I do get dressed in my hot pink dress and heals, wear my "war paint", and yes, even sport one of my genuine LV's, don't dwell on how I look.  Keep me honest by focusing on how I act!


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