Friday, June 21, 2013

Exotic Argan Oil-Yea or Nay?

New attention has been given over the past few years to oil as skin care and hair care treatments.  And before you raid your pantry for the bottle of canola oil, hold up!  The types of oils that have been most widely talked about are not sold at your local supermarket. These oils are much more exotic.

I am currently on my second bottle of the most popular exotic oil in recent times--argan oil.  Although argan oil is found in products all over the place, the oil I am using is 100% pure.  There are no silicones added as in the top selling Moroccan Oil hair product.  I bought my oil from an ebay store, Sweet Essentials.  It's cold pressed oil imported from Morocco, the country of origin for the argan tree.

I use the argan oil to seal the cuticle on the strands of my hair after I shampoo and condition.  Because my hair is naturally kinky-curly, it has a tendency to be dry and fragile.  Color treated hair is also prone to dryness and damage to the cuticle.  Argan oil applied on wet hair keeps the moisture from the water in the strand.  It is naturally rich in the anti-oxidant Vitamin E .  The serums sold in Sephora and other BSS normally add silicones and other ingredients.  So the effectiveness of Argan is diminished. And some people's hair dislikes"cones", and behaves poorly as a result. 100% Argan Oil can also be used as a pre-shampoo treatment, just as the Big Name serums can.  To save money, I mix my argan in with olive oil, coconut oil, or black castor oil to seal and as a pre-treatment.

Pure argan oil is also a nice, lighter-weight oil to be used to seal moisture into the skin.  I use it on my face at night every so often, and I wake up to smoother skin.  Those with drier skin or more mature skin can use it every night.  Argan oil is also special because it is not comedogenic (does not clog pores and cause acne).  In fact, many acne sufferers report that their acne is diminished as a result of using this oil on the skin. I am betting that the good stuff in this exotic oil helps to regulate our skin's own oil and decreasing inflammation!! I have even used argan oil straight from the bottle on my baby nephew's skin  just after a bath (to seal in moisture) and it relieved a stubborn patch of eczema from his back. Just don't use the hair serum on the skin.  Those "cones" will do more harm than good.  Go pure!

So I am convinced it's worth it.  Give 100% Argan Oil a try!

Ebay Store-Sweet Essentials-- 4 oz. of Organic Cold Pressed Oil for $17.99.  This is a reputable and trustworthy ebay store IMO.

if you must have it TODAY, you can splurge on Josie Moran Pure Organic Argan Oil at Sephora stores. 4 oz. will run you $96.  Although Josie makes some quality stuff, probably more quality than the Sweet Essentials, it is not worth to pay such a mark-up for the pure oil.  In my opinion, the high price tag is for the celeb label (Josie is a former model and eco-conscience celeb cosmetics maker) and the fancier packaging.

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  1. Just ordered some 2 days ago. Cannot wait for it to arrive.:-) Kylie

    1. Cool--You'll have to give me a report on how you like it!

  2. Love your beauty post!! And so glad its on a face oil!! I recently heard that they are good for your face and wanted to try it bit was scared, but after reading your post I really want ti try one!! Buy Argan Oil for Face