Monday, March 26, 2012

Quicky Post--Cleansers I'm Feeling Good About!

I should have been a journalist.  I used to create my own beauty magazines with notebook paper and markers and "sell" subscriptions to my classsmates for 5 cents apiece.  Alas, I studied History and Education in college, and supressed my desire to be a real version of "Whilemena Slater", a fashion Editor-In -Chief.  I know you guys don't always want a long let me give you some facial cleansing favorites to try.  This goes along with my last entry, so toners not required, but cleanse away!!

GOOD, but CHEAP-- At the drugstore, an all purpose favorite I've been recommending for years is Purpose Cleansing Wash by Johnson and Johnson.  It is a clear, sudsing liquid that is mild and gets the job done.  It is perfect to use for sensitive, oily, combination, or even drier skins( in moderation). 
***Hint- If you can find Clean and Clear's Sensitive Cleanser, it's the same forumation, but a little cheaper.  The color has got to be the same (a very pale yellowish hue).  Clean and Clear's other products I find are a bit too harsh for any skin. Not sure if the C and C Sensitive is still around,  but Purpose is also a good deal at $6.50 for about 6 oz.

MODERATE, AND EFFECTIVE--Also at your drugstore, is Cera Ve Moisturizing Cleanser.  This is a lotion based cleanser for dry skin types.  It can applied and "tissued off" or rinsed off.  Very dry skin can do without the foaming detergents.  As long as the cleanser is sweeping away, dirt, makeup, and grime of the day, no water is needed. Cera Ve protects the delicate acid mantle and allows the oils not to be stripped. $12 for 12 full oz.

DHC has good amazing products.   It is a mail order skin care line that originated in Japan and now is distributed world wide.  Their Deep Cleansing Oil is very gentle and effective for dry, mature, and sensitive skin.  It can used the same ways as the Cera Ve Cleanser can.  If you are really on a budget or are out of cleanser, you can use cooking olive oil.  It has a stronger odor and is heavier, but it will remove makeup well and coat and sooth dry skin.  There is a sale now on the large size DHC Deep Cleansing Oil --$22 ($4 off) for the large 6.7 oz bottle.  Smaller bottles available too at

If you are a purist, or prefer organic products, go for John Master's Cleansers.  I am currently loving their Jojoba and Ginseng Cleanser.  It has micro-beads of jojoba, and though I am NOT A FAN OF SCRUBS, these  round beads do not cause damage. This one is best for combination or oily skin, but there are other JM cleansers that work for drier skin.  It has a citrusy smell too, a plus in my book. $28 for 4 oz.

Love you all!  Bronzediva

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  1. For those who aked about my opinion about scrubs for the face, hang on....I'll tell you soon:)