Sunday, March 11, 2012

Need A Little LEMON-AID in your life?

I absolutely LOVE the scent of citrus.  It is a fresh, crisp scent that reminds me of my mom's mother's clean house, and of the sunny lemon and orange trees that lined the back yard of my dad's mother's California home.  Ever since I took my first sniff of "Love's Lemon Fresh" body spray years ago, I was hooked on citrus.  I think I love the smell of a ripe juicy orange more than I do the taste of one.

As we quickly approach spring, I'm reminded of how refreshing the smell of citrus can really be.  Honey tangerines, tart grapefruit, zesty limes--it all stimilates the scenses and provides a "wake up call" to the spirit and mind.  This is why many of the aromatherapy products aimed at invigoration smell of citrus. 

Now that I'm a grown up diva, I have gotten a little pickier about getting my citrus fix.  "Love's Lemon Fresh" is a little to artificial for me, as are some of the other lemon-scented skin care products.  I can really leave them, they are not real enough to titilate my scenses and get me going.  So I am going to share with you my latest favorite citrusy finds that include real fruit extracts and that are mostly natural:

Lush Cosmetics Happy Hippy and The Olive Branch Shower Gels: 
I love Lush's (local locations in Towson and Columbia Malls) products as they're made with mostly natural ingredients and they do a good amount of fair trade with other countries. And the stuff smells yummy.  Happy Hippy is a zesty grapefruit scented gel that will get you going during that a.m shower and one of the main ingredients is, guess it, grapefruit juice. 
The Olive Branch is a much more mellow scented wash, it is much thinner and has a moisturizing component (olive oil).  You need to shake the bottle to mix the good stuff together, but you know it's natural when you have use some elbow grease of your own.  It has a gentle mandarine orange aroma, mixed with olive oil and vine leaves that makes you think you're showing in Tuscany! Both start at $5.99.

Soothing Touch Herbal Therapy Tangerine Herbal Salt Scrub:
I found this gem on sale at Whole Foods grocery. I needed to sloff off some dry skin that had been accumulating all winter long and the sale price-$8.99- made it right.  It is filled with great natural goodness, including healing Dead Sea salt, sweet almond oil, ginko, and avocado oil, but it is the natural tangerine and sweet orange essential oils that make this a heavenly scrub. (Just be careful on broken skin as salt+cuts=ouch!)

Pacifica Blood Orange Perfume:
Now that my tastes have matured, and "Love's Lemon Fresh" just doesn't cut it any longer, I longed for a true natural smelling citrusy perfume to replace it that would linger for a while. I think my sister gave me the body lotion version as a gift one Christmas, and I was hooked.  Not only is it a crisp clean scent that others will compliment, but it is Vegan/all natural.  So no artificial chemicals to have you smelling like Pledge.  The roll-on version is $12, the smaller size on-the-go body wash and body butter is $5.  The full size spray perfume is only $22.  Available at Sephora and Wegman's. Try it!

As a disclaimer, I do not represent or recieve any compensation from the products I recommend, either from this entry or any entry.  I only want to share with you the wonderful stuff I discover, as well as warn you when something isn't what it should be.  Enjoy citrus season!!!!


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