Tuesday, July 16, 2013

In Memory of Talia Castellano- Lil' Diva!

When I had heard the news today about the passing of one of the Beauty World's youngest stars, Talia Joy Castellano, I had to google her to find out more about her.  To be very honest, I hadn't heard of her before.  I watch many beauty VLogs on YouTube, but had not watched as many makeup tutorials lately as I have been watching hair tutorials and reviews of natural ethnic hair care products.  All I had known from the initial web news posting was that she was 13 years old, a makeup artist and honorary Cover Girl, and that she had been battling neuroblastoma for a few years.  I was saddened that such a young life (she was almost the same age as my own baby) had succumbed to such a nasty disease.  But I was intrigued by the description "makeup artist".

Really?  A 13 year old child?  Certainly, the media was just being kind.  A girl that age doing makeup artistry?  I am a makeup artist too, so I was really curious about this girl's skills.  So I looked her up on YouTube.

Talia was the real deal indeed!  She could wield a crease or angled brush as well as any MAC pro I've seen.  She discussed priming the eyes with Urban Decay eye primer, my personal favorite.  She blended colors on the eye with precision and talent, as if she had been in the business for decades. And those brows were on point!  I don't know if Brow Mogul Anastasia could do any better. The confidence and knowledge she exuded on camera at twelve years old was astounding!  I wanted to think that at her tender age there was no way she could be as skilled as her adult counterparts, but I was wrong.  She was a true beauty natural.

I also learned that she was not only designing a fashion line, but that she was a champion for childhood cancer research.  She participated in and hosted fundraisers to benefit further research so that other children might not have to suffer as she did.  Wow! This little girl was not only wise and talented beyond her age, but she was determined to make the world a better place for kids with cancer...all while dealing with her own immense suffering.

I do believe that often times young people who are terminally ill are blessed with maturity beyond their years.  It as if God gave them the ability to live vicariously in the adult world because He knew He would call them home before they actually became adults.  Talia certainly made her mark in the world.  Her story taught me a few lessons too--that I should not take time for granted and work toward fulfilling my dreams now.   And that tremendous gifts and talents are instilled in us at birth. I believe that time cannot erase them, either.   So never discount a person's eye for BEAUTY because of their age, whether young or old!

                                                                 RIP Talia Joy

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