Friday, September 14, 2012

How to Incorporate the Newest Trends Without Looking Like A High School Wannabe!

I'm back!!! Did you miss me??   I hope at least a few of you did.  I have returned to talk about fall trends.  There are a few fashion items that are "MUST HAVES".  And ladies, come on, we have to keep current.  We start looking dated when we refuse to incorporate any fashion trends into our wardrobe.  The classic look is only classic when it is kept current.  And there is a way to do that.  And for those of us who are a little more daring, but are "big girls" nonetheless, there is a way to look fly without looking like you are trying to be Nicki Minaj!!! 

I have a High School age daughter.  I really don't like to admit it, because it makes me feel old.  My husband and I walked into her school a week ago for a teacher conference feeling so out of place among all the colorfully clad youth.  And when I spotted my little girl, I did a double take.  She was the epitome of style and mature looking with her fire engine red skinny jeans, white off shoulder blouse set off by a slim gold belt and gold ballet flats.  I was proud and sad at the same time.  For years, I picked out her clothes, making sure to keep her very current (as current as a modest little girl could be) and put them out for her to wear.  She would have trouble matching colors and I wondered if she would ever have style.  But like magic, when she turned 14, she started caring more about her appearance--wanting her hair to look right, wanting to pick out her own clothes. Not only has my style influenced her own, she is starting to develop her own personal style, telling me "Mommy that isn't me".  Okay, I digress. 

So what about me, you say?  I am not a teenager and I don't want to look like one!!  I hear ya, as I am obviously not a teenager either.  But updating your wardrobe is EXTREMELY important.  So let's look at some recent fashion trends:

1. SNAKE SKIN PRINTS--I have heard a few of you mention this one.  It is not the same as the leopard skin print (which I love).  It is a smaller, more distinct pattern.  This is a welcome change for those of us who are not "Nicole Ritchie" thin, as the smaller print is less distracting and more slimming.

Tips: As in all prints, DO NOT GO ALL OUT.  Pick one snake skin item per ensemble. It is easier to start with denim pant or a skirt.  There are jeans out there with a muted snake skin print stamped on.  Wear these with a crisp white shirt and a slim belt.  If you choose snake skin top, go for a dark colored pant.  Or for my more classic divas, opt for a snake skin ( faux) handbag that can be your accent piece.

2. BRIGHTLY COLORED JEANS--These have popped up everywhere, from Nordstrom to Wal Mart.  The trend is the skinny jean, which is fitted from the waist to the ankle.  But, not all of us can wear a true skinny jean.  If not, there are ways to incorporate this one in without looking silly or mooning the world when you bend over. 

Tips:  Skinny jeans are not for everybody.  You should be comfortable about what you are wearing. If you do go the skinny jean route, choose a heavy weighted denim material instead of the thin "jeggings" that are sold in the junior's department.  Those kind crease at the crotch and tug at the thigh on women with curves.  Choose a bright color, but one you won't be nervous wearing.  Remember that as we go into fall and winter, the mint green and pale pink colors should be used less-unless you are in Florida, Cali, or in a very laid back area where swimming occurs year round.  I like lapis blue, berry, deep purple, and pine green for fall. And pair with a tunic that comes down to cover your bootie.

For those who don't do skinny jeans, you can find the colored jeans in a modified boot cut or straight- legged roomier jean.  Just try to avoid "Mom" jeans.  I love Not Your Daughter's Jeans.  They are super stylish, but made for a woman with curves and a few extra bulges here or there.  They make you look a size slimmer--bonus! 

3.  COLD SHOULDER or PEEK-A-BOO SHOULDER BLOUSES--I love this trend.  It allows you to be a little alluring/sexy without being indecent.  This tops are designed to leave the shoulders bare, but still have a short or long sleeve to keep you from looking like you dressed for the beach.  Some tops show just a small amount of shoulder and more of the arm.

Tips:  It is sometimes tricky to wear this with a business jacket due to the cut, so a cold shoulder sweater may be in order for the fall and winter.  If you are more endowed, try to find a more fitted blouse and not one that balloons out, as it makes you just look big all over.  For women who have a little less on top,  there are some very nice 80's style blouses with the tapered sleeves. 

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