Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Help for Eczema Sufferers? Part Two to Dermatitis Entry

Hey All,

Earlier on I told you that I'd be back to offer advice for soothing inflammation on the skin caused by dermatitis.  Well, sorry guys, I have been so busy working in my garden trying to cure my hybrid tea roses of black spot fungus (problem solved by the way) that I have neglected to give you the 411.

Since my last blog, I have been also busy researching a product that claims to soothe and heal flare ups of eczema and related dermatitis.  I was inspired to look for some relief because I know two sweet little infants who recently suffered with skin ailments--a cute little boy named Caleb and my wonderful little nephew R.J.  I have suffered myself and I know the pain and irritation eczema can bring.  And I also know that the use of corticosteroids is often discouraged on baby's tender skin. So I was looking for a pure product that could be used on even young skin.

An Internet search on natural moisturizers led me to Squalene.  Squalene is a natural compound which has tremendous humectant properties. It can be found naturally in our bodies, and it helps to oxygenate and regenerate cells, and helps to synthesize cholesterol.  A big source of squalene extraction is shark oil, but it occurs naturally in plants as well, especially in olives.  The saturated form of olive squalene is called squalANE.  It's saturated state helps keep it stable longer than squalene, so squalane is most often used for cosmetic purposes.

I read that squalane was supposed to be very helpful in the treatment of dermatitis.  Online I found 100% pure squalane for a reasonable price sold by a company called Skin Beautiful.  I decided to give it a try on the patches of eczema on my fingers. I applied two drops of the very light textured oil from the dropper bottle it came in directly to my hands and rubbed it into the dried and cracked patches of skin.  After about two or three day, I can say that I noticed a difference--my dry patches were now softer and the cracks were healing.  I am continuing to use it once or twice a day with continued success, although when I became lazy and failed to use it for a day, I noticed the beginning of a flare up.
Some more good news, not only did a few drops of squalane help my eczema calm down, it also really softens skin.  I have had greater success using a few drops on my super dry heels than any thick cream or body butter.  And I also apply a tiny amount nightly to my face as a nighttime hydrator, instead of a rich night cream ( I have oily skin, but more mature than a teenager) and it is fantastic, even on my oily skin.  Although it is derived from olives, it does not have the heaviness nor the pungent scent of olive oil, so non olive oil-lovers can use it too!!!   It is definitely worth the ten bucks plus S&H, especially for those (or those who have loved ones) suffering from skin conditions. 

I found mine at skin-beautiful. com. 

P.S.- Don't forget a little goes a long way, and use sunscreen over this product during the day if your skin can tolerate it.

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